The time i chatted to a Syrian shop keeper.


One thing I’ve really noticed about Denmark is how gentrified certain areas are. There’s actually a “ghetto list”. If more than half an area’s residents are immigrants, if 40% are unemployed and 270 out of 10,000 residents have a conviction, the area makes the list.

Bazar Vest is a market place out in one of these ghetto areas and i spent a day there wandering around. The stall holders are immigrants from countries like Palestine, Turkey, Lebanon, Somalia, Syria.

Chatting to the shopkeepers, eating Turkish delight and flat bread

was one of my favourite days in Aarhus so far.

I met Abd Kader Omar, a Syrian who runs a clothing shop in the Bazar.

I asked him what he thought about the conflict in his home town.

“France had a revolution in 10 years, we have been oppressed for hundreds of years and still nothing is changing”

“They are talking about things which are not important to us. They put a new tax on cigarettes and caviar. Who can afford caviar? We have bigger problems!”

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