The time i visited Iceland and Greenland.

My classmates and i received a grant to go to Greenland and report on some stories there. It was a completely surreal experience. We flew into Iceland first and the staff at Reykajvik airport were completely confused about what we were doing there, but i was sure we had booked a flight from Iceland to Greenland. Turns out there is a tiny flight once a month to Greenland, in order to pick up some government ministers or something along those lines. So, we flew on a 7 seater plane to Nuuk.

Our really cool female pilot, reading girly magazines

Once in Nuuk we ran around collecting stories. Claustrophobia soon set in, in a town so small that when you interview one person and they direct you across the road or down the street to your next contact. There are hardly any roads in Greenland, and certainly none heading out of town. With the boats deep frozen and dogsleds banned from town, we were thoroughly stuck. Luckily, Alex,Leonie and our couchsurfing host Kunuk kept me entertained. We went chasing icebergs and lay in the snow late at night watching the Northern Lights. Beautifully weird.

Mountain we climbed in Iceland

Basically, the stories we were writing were about the new mining laws which were passed in a breathtakingly short number of days. The new laws allow mines to hire foreign employees, leaving Greenland with little to no benefit for their resources.

The mines pay barely any tax on the resources, and with these new laws, they don’t even have to create jobs for the struggling Greenlandic economy. Pretty much everyone i met was opposed to these laws, but burdened with a typical colonial mindset, they didn’t believe they deserved anything better.

Midday sunrise in Iceland
Dinner in Nuuk.

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