The time I threw a party in Aarhus

During the final project period, Leonie and I had the not so brilliant idea of putting on a party. We organized a venue and asked some djs from Berlin to come down. We stocked up on seven thousand kroner of beer and hoped that the 50 people who said they were attending on Facebook would show up.

In Melbourne, 300 people say they’re coming to an event and 50 show up. Turns out in Aarhus it’s the other way around. We were in way over our head, more people came than expected and the girls and I were trying to run the bar and the door at the same time and failing miserably.

Luckily, my classmates are the best people in the world. I literally think I saw every single person from school running the bar at some point. When we ran out of beer, two of the boys jumped on their bikes and somehow managed to balance 5 cases on their handlebars. Ahmed, a classmate of mine threatened he wouldn’t even show up to the party. He ended up being the first to arrive and the last to leave, at 8am in the morning.

The girls and I then kicked everyone out and cleaned stinking urinals and beer soaked floors until 11am, giggling the whole time. I cycled home for another cleaning marathon, I had to pack up my entire room and move out that day, and somehow leave it in a state worthy of a bond return.

At 5pm I rushed back to the venue for one final clean before jumping in the car with Leonie for an eleven hour drive to Germany. When we arrived at 5am there was time for one last party downtown in Leipzig before I could finally crash into a warm, soft bed at 8am the next day and at last- sleep.


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