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The time i visited a Danish ghetto in Brabrand, Aarhus.

This is just a post to let everyone know that I’m alive and well in Denmark. I haven’t been able to update because school has been really, really hectic. I’ll give you a quick rundown of my first two days. Monday, 9am, we all shuffle in a little bewildered and still probably a little scared of each other, to greet our kind of intimidating teacher Asbjorn. Our first assignment: we have until 4pm the next day to hand in one 2000 character story, one 700…

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The time i got detained at Beauvais airport, France.

Something stinks. Something really fucking stinks. It’s either me, the sad,limp and horrendously stained little slip of pink cushion beneath my head or the towel misguidedly wrapped around it in an attempt to protect said head from said stains. purchase viagra Or maybe it’s the mysterious lumpy object in the toilet that spooked me from turning on the light and illuminating it’s precise nature. Was it a huge turd or just toilet paper? Or a huge turd topped off with a wad of toilet paper?…

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The time i got high on sleeping pills and a born again Christian tried to convert me in Marrakesh, Morocco.

href=””> With a cup of pasta for the road and a whole heap of hugs, i left Lisbon to head towards Seville in the south of Spain. Tom, a cheeky surfer from Byron Bay was catching the same bus as me but i was getting off earlier, he was taking it the whole 12 hours to Algericas where, if you find yourself sick of Europe, you can catch a ferry for an hour and you’re in Morrocco. Tom has a smile like an American’s arse-…

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