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And this is too hard; on life and early death in the Congo.

04/12/13 This story won an Ossie award for best photojournalism. After spending some time in the Congo,there’s certain aspects of this bizarre and beautiful place that you get used to. Like all countries, what was once exotic becomes banal and is swiftly absorbed into everyday life. You get used to the sight of AK-47s slung across the slender shoulders of most of the men, the security nests, the barbed wire. You get used to the fetid smell of rotting food and the snotty, fly blown…

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Child's Play: Children at war in the Democratic Republic of Congo

I wrote this article shortly after I returned from the Congo. It received second place in the Red Cross International Humanitarian Law student journalism competition. “I can’t count the number of people I’ve killed.” Bahati Salomon shifts in his chair after he says this, his small hands drumming the wooden table top.His blue overalls, meant for a grown man, sag past his slender shoulders and gather in soft bunches around his ankles. viagra uk purchase Bahati is 12 years old. We’re sitting in a bare…

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The time we felt Lebanon’s bleeding heart

Young Syrian refugee in Beirut.   Photos by Leonie Lohwasser. Over January Leonie and I decided to travel to Lebanon. “We just want to see what’s happening, see what’s going on down there,” we announced with quiet arrogance. Truthfully, we had a greater aim, though admitted to no one. We were going ‘to Challenge Ourselves.’ The reason to end all reasons, self satisfied and smug, the cause behind thousands of gap years and the sole explanation as to why there are so many fresh faced…

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The time I was scrubbed red raw by a fat Turkish woman in flesh coloured underwear

Photos by Leonie Lohwasser Istanbul; neon clings to the crumbling facade of the city. By day you visit a 1000 year old mosque where the passage of time is completely incomprehensible until much later, a fluorescent club provides some context by playing last year’s Rhianna. (like ,as if) Feeling somehow debaucherous and grotty within my first 12 hours spent in the city, I went with my friend Ceci to a Hamam, a traditional Turkish bath. After some confusion about which part we could enter (…

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Greenland's large scale ruby industry hurts small scale miners

by Bridget Honan Forget about Australia’s gold fever, Greenland is in a ruby psychosis. canadian viagra price The red gems are the most valuable precious stones in the world, worth up to ten times as much as diamond, and Greenland is chock full of them. But at the moment, Canadian mining company True North Gems are the only ones who stand to make money off them, and local Greenlanders are crying poor. Niels Madsen has a rough ruby in his house the size of two…

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