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Gen-Y: We're not all that bad.

EDIT: A revised version of this post appeared in the Herald Sun on Monday the 2nd of August 2010.It can be viewed online here. Being a member of Gen-Y is kind of like trying to stand up for Brendan Fevola. Your biggest enemy is the one you’re trying to protect. generic cialis lowest price Maybe if Fev stopped waving around dildos every time he got pissed, it might be a bit easier to present him as a responsible,civil member of society. Similarly, if Gen Y…

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News story on Victoria's pokies problem.

This is a hard news story i wrote for RMIT about pokies. It was when the debate about pre-commitment technology and Andrew Wilkie’s requests for reforms were just beginning. Gabriela Byrne is 54, successful, happily married and has two gorgeous children. But 18 years ago she contemplated committing suicide, more than once. Ms Byrne had an addiction to pokies which cost her $40,000, her job, and nearly her life. “The first time I played was on a lunch break, after i’d just had a fight…

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